Shabbat and Holidays

Shabbat Dinner

At the end of a long week filled with classes, assignments and exams, celebrate Shabbat with us! Shabbat is observed in a variety of ways by students at Brandeis. Every Friday night we join together for a festive Shabbat dinner, usually in the Sherman Function Hall.

There is no charge for students to attend Shabbat dinner. All other Shabbat meals are deducted from the meal plan. Everyone is asked to sign up in advance for Shabbat meals.

Every Friday night during the school year, there are at least three, sometimes four, sometimes more, evening services to welcome Shabbat. All of the services on campus are organized by students and facilitated by students. Some Jews follow the practice of not carrying items on Shabbat.

Brandeis has an Eruv, an established boundary within which Jews who follow this custom are permitted to carry on Shabbat.


Jewish Holidays

The Jewish holidays at Brandeis throughout the year are fun, festive, and reflective. Experiencing and celebrating a holiday for the first time in a new place, away from your family, your home friends, and your synagogue, is an opportunity to feel at home at Brandeis.

For every holiday that falls during the academic year, there are multiple services and celebrations. Based on student interests and needs, each denominational group conducts holiday activities, so feeling at home in an atmosphere similar to a style that you are familiar with is easy. On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, our services are open to the larger community and we are joined by people from the Boston area who come and share the holiday festivities with students, faculty, and staff on campus.