Planning An Event

 Are you a current Brandeis student with a new idea to enrich the Jewish community on campus?  Are you involved in a student club on campus and interested in partnering with Hillel for a program?  Contact any member of the Hillel Student Board.

1. Reserve a room. 

2. Submit your event to the calendar and announcements.

If any details (e.g. date, time, location, content) of your event change after you submit this form, please email The Hillel Office Staff.

Hillel Announcements

Hillel advertises Hillel and member group events in its weekly announcements. Events that are submitted to the calendar will be included in the weekly announcements.

Jewish Opportunities – Jobs, Volunteering, Internships & Learning Programs

Hillel encourages students to submit information about non-Hillel related opportunities and programs that they wish to advertise.  All information regarding non-Hillel scholarships, trips, fellowships and job opportunities can be submitted to on the Jewish Opportunities webpage.

You must include:

  • A description of the opportunity or program
  • Contact info
  • Location
  • Application deadline

Questions? Please contact Hillel